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Lake County COVID-19 and The Code of the West

ABOUT THIS ESSAY:  In our very rural, very parochial, and very disconnected county, the world-wide pandemic known as COVID-19 has been a struggle to adapt to, for thousands of vulnerable people carefully “sheltering-in-place” and maintaining “social distancing” when they must go out.  Recent Public Health Orders mandating “facial coverings” at re-opened restaurants and personal care…


Lake County, California – March 24, 2020 [Second Edition] THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS . . . After the American genocide of “indigenous” peoples, the creation of an order imbued with state and federal agency authorities embodied the ambitions of hardy “pioneers,” plunderers of vast natural resources emerged from the continental clash with tectonic plates pushing…

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Pending permission from the photographer, February 19, 2020